Furness Marksmen

About Us

Furness Marksmen was formed when in the late 1970s a group of small bore pistol enthusiasts looked for somewhere to shoot full-bore pistols. After searching the Furness peninsular for a suitable range, access to a site in Roose Sand Quarry was obtained from Holker Estates.  The original twenty members spent two years fundraising and building with the range opening in April 1980.

The club went from the original 20 to more than 70 members by 1990. The original range had to be moved, as the quarry required the site to extract material. A second range constructed about 100 yard from the first.  As with the first range this was built by the members. Unfortunately the construction of the northern Gas Terminal forced the closure of the range in 1994 as the gas processing plant was visible from the firing point.

With a lot of assistance from British Gas, which included access to the old Barrow gas works site and donation of lots of material, the present range was built.  The range was once again built by the members and was opened in March 1996. This was just before the Pistol Ban, in 1997, which affected the number of members. But gradually as rifle discipline took the place of pistol shooting the membership grew.  A further boost to membership came with the organisation of air rifle shooting in particular Hunter Field Target.