Furness Marksmen

COVID-19 Booking System

1. To limit the number of people present on the range at any one time it is necessary to have a booking system. No member should attend the range without making a booking.

2. No one should attend the range if showing any symptoms of COVID-19, having a fever, constant cough or shortness of breath.

3. Each detail is for 20 minutes shooting within a 30 minute session, allowing time to set up, remove targets and clear equipment from the firing point, ready for the next session.

4. There is a dedicated mobile phone to call to book a session (Calls only no texts). The phone will be switched on 1 hour before each range opening and remain open until the range closes to take bookings for that opening only.

5. On the conclusion of each 30 minute session shooters can re-book a further session if any slots are available.

6. On arrival at the range shooters should report to Reception, observing Social Distancing, familiarise themselves with the COVID-19 precautions in place and complete a waiver form. Details of firearms to be used and a contact number should be readily available.

7. Having the correct change for range fees and ammunition purchase would assist in minimising the handling of cash. Any ammunition is to be bought before entering the Firing Point.

8. After reporting to Reception shooters  should return to the car park, observing Social Distancing, and wait to be called forward by the Range Officer.

9. To allow the maximum number of shooters to participate it is expected that members volunteer to act as Range officer and Reception.

10. The toilets will be closed other than in the case of an “emergency”. After use toilet must be deep cleaned by the person using it.

11. There will be no club firearms available and equipment should not be shared by members.

12. All members attending the range must be in receipt of a 2021 Membership Card to be allowed to shoot.  (Payment will be accepted on first return to the club).

13 No carpets/bench marts will be available on the range Shooters requiring a mat should bring their own.

Observe Social Distancing at All Times