Furness Marksmen

COVID-19 Range Officer Guidance

1. First person to arrive will open the gates and containers using disposable gloves and/or hand sanitiser.

2. Check the rear access door is held back to assist air-flow and avoid the need to touch the latch.

3. Check there is hand sanitiser available by the door with the staplers and on firing point 1.

4.  Check there are targets in the trolley, and staplers are loaded with staples.

5. Collect the first group of shooters from the car park.

6. Direct shooters to alternate firing points in front of the barrier, getting them to place their equipment on the middle benches. Have the first group of shooters collect target boards from the container, one at a time.  Fix targets to boards.

7. Advise shooters of the COVID requirements. Pointing out the notices and hand sanitiser.  Each detail is for 20 minutes shooting within a 30 minute session , allowing time to set up, remove targets and clear equipment from the firing point, ready for the next session.

8. Once targets have been fixed close the flap and announce “Shooters to the line for a 20 minute detail”.

9. After 20 minutes or if all shooters have finished clear firearms (Observing Social Distancing).  Advise Reception that the session has ended for them to collect the next shooters from the car park. Open the flap and direct the shooters to leave the firing point through the front of the firing Point exit round the side of the firing point.  Leaving targets on the boards unless the shooter particularly wants to keep them.

10. When the shooters have left the range ensure the side gate is closed.

11. Take the booking sheet from “Reception”, collect the next group of shooters and take them to the firing point. Repeat steps 5 to 10.

12. After the final detail have the shooters collect the target boards and clear equipment from the range to the target container.

13. There are to be no spectators or new members during COVID restrictions.

14. No rubbish cans ,bottles etc to be left on the range Take your litter Home.  Used targets will be bagged and quarantined for 72 hours before disposal.

15. Shooters using the air bottle should sanitise the valve handle and hose before and after use.

Observe Social Distancing at All Times