Furness Marksmen

COVID-19 Reception Guidance

1. Collect the reception folder, from the range or previous holder.

2. Check the mobile phone is charged and there are pens, waiver forms  and booking forms.

3. Switch the phone on one hour before range opening. Take calls and allocate time slots.

4. When shooters arrive advise shooters of the COVID requirements . Pointing out the notices and hand sanitiser.  Each detail is for 20 minutes shooting within a 30 minute session, allowing time to set up, remove targets and clear equipment from the firing point, ready for the next session.

5. Confirm the shooter has no symptoms as per the NHS poster.

6.  Have shooter complete waiver form and place in folder. Shooters to resign and date the rear of the original form on subsequent visits.

7. Record shooters name, firearms to be used and contact number (for track and trace if required) on Range Register.

8. Collect range fees, asking for exact cash if possible, if not sanitise cash if giving change.

9.  Sell any ammunition required taking care with the cash transaction.

10. Ask shooters to wait in car park until collected by the Range Officer.

Observe Social Distancing at All Times