Furness Marksmen

Introduction for Probationary Members


Ensure you have read and understood the Safety leaflet.

Probationary Members

Probationary members should present their Green Card to the Range officer for signature at the start of each visit.
Probationary members must be accompanied to the firing point until they are familiar with the firearm being used.
During the Probationary period the prospective member should make themselves known to the Committee Members and have them sign the reverse of the green card.
The probationary membership lasts for six months, with a minimum of three months and minimum of twelve visits before Full Membership will be offered.

Range Control

The range is controlled by a Range Officer. They will ensure the firing benches are clear before anyone can go forward to position or change targets.
Targets should only be placed on boards provided and positioned so that all projectiles hit the sand bullet catcher, between the white markers.
The white markers and all other range woodwork must not be shot at.

The Range Officer will issue the following range commands:

  1. “Shooters to the line.” (Shooters are authorised to bring equipment, ammunition and weapons to the firing point)
  2. “Shooters face down range and load.” (Shooters are authorised load weapons at the firing point)
  3. “Fire when ready.” (Shooters are authorised to commence firing)
  4. “Cease fire and prove* weapons.” (Shooters must immediately stop firing and unload any unfired ammunition from weapons)
  5. “Forward score and patch.” (When the firing point is clear, shooters are authorised to go forward of the firing point to prepare targets for the next firing detail)

* Please see the safety leaflet for information on proving a weapon

Each shooter must have their firearm cleared by the Range Officer before leaving the firing benches.
Ammunition bought on the range must not be taken away from the range without being entered on a Firearms Certificate.